Is it true google like fast speed page?

Written by Han on January 4th, 2010

I am also not really sure. In 2009, google has talk about page speed is important and how to do can make the web faster. How fast your web loads that will effect to your site rank in google maybe. It is true?

In real life, I think all visitors like fast speed web page and they also think web speed should be fast. So if you have a fast web that is a good thing for you to compares the people have a slow site. This is like a bonus for you.

So if you have a slow site, better you increase your web speed to make you visitor love it. It is also the good thing for you if google really rank the site by using web speed. Not that only, fast speed web also can benefit your user and your sales. In this case, you might to increase you web speed now.

Actually, google is pretty good because they provide webmaster tools for us. You can learn more about site speed site at

If you really want better perform in search engine, this is the time you should do it.


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Is SEO More Important Than PPC for a New Site?

Written by Han on January 3rd, 2010

Is it true search engine optimization (SEO) more important than pay per click (PPC) for a new site?

Some people said SEO is important to new site because they don’t have to spend money to do a SEO. Do you think this is good reason to say that? Em.. For me, it is not a good reason because sometime we need to spend money too to get a great result in SEO. And one more thing, we actually need to spend our time to do SEO for a new site. So I think better I pay for people who expert to do it. Now I can save my time and can make more money from to do other things. Am I right?

While for PPC, a lot of people said it is wasting their money when do the PPC. It is because they need to spend a lot of money to do it. In fact, they can use the money to do other things. I know, maybe this kind people actually scared to lose their money and the risks or maybe they are expert in SEO (Can make quick result in search engine). It is so; I just can say “Ok, that is you choice. You choose it. Nobody can force you.” (Actually this is good for your budget.) Hehe..

What I can say here, PPC is the good place for our new site. Some people said it will waste money, some people said they will lose money and some people said they are expert in SEO and don’t need PPC. That’s all is their choice. So if you scare to spend money to use it, you don’t have to use it. If you scare to lose money because you don’t know how to use it, better don’t use it before you learn about it. If you can get quick results in search engine with your skill in SEO, better you use your skill because you can save money from spend to do PPC. 😉

For my opinion, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) are important for our new site. Why I said that? This is because; both of them have their own strength. You should know, SEO we can use for long term and PPC we can use for quick results. So at the same time we can have good results from both of them.

Make Money Online

Written by Han on January 2nd, 2010

Make money online is not an internet business. I knew many people think it is the same but the true, it is different. For making money online, we will get pay for the company that we promote for them. It is comprise from pay per click (PPC), cost per action (CPA), affiliate and many more.

For PPC, we will get pay when got people click on the company ads. It normally count how much the cost per click that advertiser set to and the company will share the profit with us. Google adsense, adbrite, bidvertiser is the best kind of PPC that we can join. To promote PPC, you need much traffic go to your website so you will get more probability to people click on your ads.

For CPA, normally we need to get people to fill the form or download software and install it. So we will get pay every people fill the form or download and install the software. I like to do this because we will get pay more than $1 per action and it is easy to get people to fill the form. You know, they have lose nothing when fill the form or download the software.

While affiliate, we will need to promote the link that the company gave to us. We will get pay for every people bought from our affiliate link. For this, you can join the famous affiliate company like clickbank, paydotcom and many more. You can find many kind of niche for the products you like.

For me, this is very easy to make money online than make a online business but we have a bit risk to make money online. This because anytime the company can ban us from makes money from them. (Just my opinion)

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What is internet marketing?

Written by Han on January 1st, 2010

Internet marketing is a marketing that we use for promoting our products or service on internet. It is also known as online marketing or web marketing or etc. Normally, we used it for get customer who likes to buy online.

In internet marketing, we need minimum one website to promoting our products or services. Why we need a website? This because, NO WEBSITE NO SALE. Why I said that? Ok, I ask you back. If no website, how you can promoting your products or service online? In EBay? You still need eBay website for display your products. Amazon? Also the same like ebay. Mail list? You still need a sequence page or landing page for build your list. Easy to say, no website no business for you in internet.

What you can sell online is depend to you. For me, everything can sell in internet but sometime we need to find products that can easy to get sale and profit able. For example, we sell fishes online. Are you think you can sale it? If you think yes, just go ahead. For me, when we like to buy fishes, we need to touch and smell for make sure it is still fresh. Am I right? So for this reason, I think better we sell products that don’t need to touch and smell such as physical product (book, laptop, mouse and etc) and digital products (software, ebook and etc).

For services, you can find what knowledge you had. Like me, I had knowledge about software engineering, fitness and etc. So for me, I can take a service that I can build a software for people need it or I can teach people how to weight loss, get six pack and etc. So what you can do in services it is depend on you too. Maybe you can build a website for people, write and article, graphic design and etc.

So for my opinion, internet marketing is the better choice for me to get more money because it is global market. We had no limit to not only get customer in our country.