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Make Money Online

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Make money online is not an internet business. I knew many people think it is the same but the true, it is different. For making money online, we will get pay for the company that we promote for them. It is comprise from pay per click (PPC), cost per action (CPA), affiliate and many more.

For PPC, we will get pay when got people click on the company ads. It normally count how much the cost per click that advertiser set to and the company will share the profit with us. Google adsense, adbrite, bidvertiser is the best kind of PPC that we can join. To promote PPC, you need much traffic go to your website so you will get more probability to people click on your ads.

For CPA, normally we need to get people to fill the form or download software and install it. So we will get pay every people fill the form or download and install the software. I like to do this because we will get pay more than $1 per action and it is easy to get people to fill the form. You know, they have lose nothing when fill the form or download the software.

While affiliate, we will need to promote the link that the company gave to us. We will get pay for every people bought from our affiliate link. For this, you can join the famous affiliate company like clickbank, paydotcom and many more. You can find many kind of niche for the products you like.

For me, this is very easy to make money online than make a online business but we have a bit risk to make money online. This because anytime the company can ban us from makes money from them. (Just my opinion)

Note: Non profit.