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Is it true google like fast speed page?

Monday, January 4th, 2010

I am also not really sure. In 2009, google has talk about page speed is important and how to do can make the web faster. How fast your web loads that will effect to your site rank in google maybe. It is true?

In real life, I think all visitors like fast speed web page and they also think web speed should be fast. So if you have a fast web that is a good thing for you to compares the people have a slow site. This is like a bonus for you.

So if you have a slow site, better you increase your web speed to make you visitor love it. It is also the good thing for you if google really rank the site by using web speed. Not that only, fast speed web also can benefit your user and your sales. In this case, you might to increase you web speed now.

Actually, google is pretty good because they provide webmaster tools for us. You can learn more about site speed site at

If you really want better perform in search engine, this is the time you should do it.


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